about sugar addiction

Who is Dan DeFigio?

Hi, I’m Dan DeFigio, and I have dedicated my career to helping people stop stress eating, eat less sugar, and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. I offer FLEXIBLE nutrition coaching for stress eaters and yo-yo dieters. If that’s you, keep reading:

With me as your guide, you’ll find the path and the support you need to overcome your old habits and to regain control of your life!

My approach is simple:

Your body is a result of whatever you do most of the time. If you want to improve your body, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE WHAT YOU USUALLY DO.

Diets and “detox” plans don’t change anything, because they don’t change what you usually do.

For permanent change, you have to change what’s NORMAL for you. I’ll help you do that by guiding you through the steps that make change REALISTIC and DOABLE long-term:

  • Healthy meal plans and shopping lists each week
  • Exclusive lessons about stress eating and the mindset you need for success
  • Easy and delicious recipes
  • Personalized Action Steps to keep you moving towards your goals
  • Accountability tools to keep you on track
  • Motivation and group support

If this sounds like just what you need, send me a note and we’ll set a time to talk about options!