5 Leading Causes Of Weight Gain

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It’s not news that America is suffering from an obesity crisis. Two-thirds of the western world is overweight. Don’t fall victim to these leading causes of weight gain: #5 Cause of Weight Gain: Processed “Food” Processed food is typically loaded with sugar and chemicals. When your diet doesn’t contain enough fiber or nutrients, your brain will turn on the appetite … Read More

Stress Management Tips For Stress Eaters

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stress management tips, stress eating

Stress eating can be disastrous for your weight loss or wellness efforts. Many of us turn to food as comfort during stressful times. And it should go without saying that ‘comfort food’ is more likely to be ice cream or french fries than it is to be green beans or kale smoothies! But putting specific foods aside, stress can lead … Read More

How to NOT Feel Deprived While You’re Trying to Lose Weight

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how to not feel deprived

Do you always feel deprived while you’re trying to lose weight? Here is how to not feel deprived while you’re trying to stay away from sweets and eat healthier: It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking about all the foods you’re “not allowed” to eat when you’re trying to lose weight. “I can’t have _____” “I’m staying … Read More

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

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dark chocolate health benefits

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, dark chocolate is a healthier substitute for sugary treats. Plus, there are dark chocolate health benefits! The average American consumes about 12 pounds of chocolate each year, so I want to help you make the smart, healthier choice. That way you can have your chocolate without guilt, and gain the health benefits of dark chocolate too! … Read More

Health Benefits of Citrus

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health benefits of citrus

Have you ever thought about eating sunshine? If you eat citrus, then that’s probably a description that you’ve used to describe its bright, flavorful, refreshing addition to your diet. Citrus is a staple of any well-rounded diet for the host of health benefits that it provides. And we’re not just talking about oranges, the most well-known of the citrus fruits. … Read More

Real Food

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If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s easy to gravitate towards low-calorie convenience foods instead of real food — frozen “healthy choice”-type meals, diet sodas, low-fat and/or reduces-calorie products, etc. Over the last week or two, I’ve had several conversations with clients about quantity (calories and portions) vs quality (real food vs processed food).I am here to remind you that calories … Read More

Meal Plans Are Useless

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meal plans

Losing weight can be hard enough, but the real struggle is keeping it off after you’ve lost it. Most people who lose weight end up regaining it (and often, regaining even more than they lost). Why? Losing weight requires changing how you eat. Losing weight PERMANENTLY requires changing how you USUALLY eat. Keeping the weight off requires new eating habits … Read More

Are You Stress Eating? Or snorkeling?

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I have a great analogy to help you with stress eating: I just got home from an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands. It’s a magical place with an astounding variety of marine life, and the snorkeling experiences I had there were unquestionably the best ever. But if you never put your head into the water, you wouldn’t have … Read More

How Do I Know If I’m Addicted to Sugar?

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how do I know if I'm addicted to sugar?

How do I know if I’m addicted to sugar? What are the signs? What symptoms will I experience if I’m addicted to sugar? You’ve heard about sugar addiction on the evening news, and you’ve probably read about the evils of eating too much sugar in health magazines. This is an interview with Malia Frey from VeryWell.com that explains how to know if you’re addicted to … Read More

How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

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how much sugar is too much?

Added sugars are clearly harazdous to your health. But how much sugar is too much? We all know sugar is unhealthy. Processed sugar contains zero valuable nutrition, and high sugar consumption is associated with obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, tooth decay, depression, yeast infections, and a host of other health problems. Sugar is inflammatory. Too much sugar is a huge … Read More

Eating Less Sweets

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eating less sweets

We’re hard-wired to like sweets and fats. Eating less sweets goes against our survival urges! Our caveman brains are drawn towards foods that are high in calories, and those that give us pleasurable sensations – primarily taste, dopamine reward, and “mouth feel”. Our brain loses its ability to regulate itself when we eat these foods. They override our brain’s normal … Read More

These DO HALT Cravings

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halt cravings

Using food as a source of comfort is something most people struggle with at some point in their lives. Emotional eating is also something we don’t like to discuss (Politics, Religion, and Eating Habits, right?). Emotional eating is personal, and for some it’s painful, but it doesn’t have to be this way! There are strategies to work through it. Start … Read More

Sugar Detox – Why You Shouldn’t

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sugar detox doesn't work

Sugar Detox programs. 21 Day Sugar Detox. Quit Sugar Now. As the author of Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies, I am finding myself in a bit of a moral pickle. Yes, I help people get off sugar, lose weight, and find a healthy sustainable way to feed themselves. But I can’t get behind the “sugar detox” concept. Why? Here’s a great … Read More

How To Keep The Weight Off

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Lots of people go on diets and successfully lose weight. But most people end up gaining it back again. Over and over. Have you lost the same 15 or 20 pounds more than once? Why is it so hard to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it? Why Can’t I Keep The Weight Off? Here are the common mistakes … Read More

Resistance To Change

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sugar addiction treatment

I had a conversation with a client this week about her resistance to change. In a nutshell, she said: “I need a more organized and planned life, but when I organize or plan, I don’t want to do it anymore because it turns to an obligation. And I hate to be pushed. Healthy behaviors feel like punishment – just another … Read More

Make Healthy Decisions Easier

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making healthy decisions easy

There are many ways to make healthy decisions easier, but here’s a big one. Many of my readers report that they put off making nutrition and lifestyle improvements because making changes seems like a big, hairy, overwhelming monster. They’re afraid to “get started.” Here’s one big reason why changes seem so scary: If you’re like most people, you’ve probably fallen … Read More

6 Secrets To Keeping Weight Off

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how to keep weight off

It’s hard enough to lose weight, but often keeping the weight off is an even bigger challenge. Clients will report to me their frustrating history of losing weight, then gaining it back again. Each successive yo-yo cycle makes it harder to lose. To help you break out of this cycle, here are some of my best ways to keep the … Read More

How To Kill Your Motivation

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How to kill your motivation

Today I’m here to tell you to watch out for these two surefire ways to kill your motivation to eat healthy. MOTIVATION KILLER #1 The first motivation killer is what I call “Compare And Despair”. This is where you walk into a room and immediately compare your body to everyone else’s. If you don’t feel good about yourself, or if … Read More

I hate vegetables

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I hate vegetables - how to eat more vegetables

“I hate vegetables.” I’ve had many clients tell me this over the years. It’s fine to dislike the taste or the texture of some foods, but if you’re a vegetable hater, I am here to show you some holes in this blanket statement. Why you hate vegetables: Taste. Many vegetables have chemical compounds that make them taste bitter to some … Read More

How To Break The Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

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How to break the yo yo diet cycle

If you feel like you’re constantly dieting and then giving up, your weight loss successes will be short-lived. If the roller coaster of watching the scale go up and down over the years has been your #1 pastime, then welcome to the Yo-Yo Diet Club. It’s a big club, filled with both mighty intentions and enormous frustrations. • Could you … Read More

Why Willpower Fails

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beating sugar addiction

Do you feel like you just don’t have enough willpower to control sugar cravings and emotional eating? Have you told yourself,   “Just say no!” “I need more willpower!” “I can’t have _____”   But the reality is that when we behave with that kind of avoidance mentality, where we’re exerting so much energy to STOP and NOT and CONTROL our … Read More

Overcoming Excuses

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overcoming excuses

There’s a lot to be said for overcoming excuses. It’s easy to find reasons you can’t eat healthier or you can’t exercise. There’s always a way around an obstacle, even if just in a small way. What’s your excuse? Overcoming Excuses “What you think about, you bring about.” “Energy goes where your attention flows.” If you’re having trouble making improvements … Read More

Vegetable Sources Of Iron

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vegetable sources of iron

Iron deficiency (commonly called anemia) is the most common nutrient deficiency on a worldwide basis. If your iron is low, it will cause fatigue and severely limit your physical capabilities. Iron deficiency in children has been shown to diminish both growth and learning. Red meat is one of the easiest sources of plentiful dietary iron. Vegetarians are more likely to … Read More

Easy Ways To Avoid Mindless Calories

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avoid mindless calories - mindful eating

Mindless eating means eating when you’re not thinking about what you’re doing. It’s plowing through a bag of snacks while watching TV, or eating because an external cue tells you to keep eating – like your plate’s not empty, or there are still more French fries in the bag. Mindless eating can add up to thousands of unfulfilling (and often … Read More

Can All-Natural Sweeteners Be Bad For You?

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all natural sweeteners

  Since most people know about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, let’s look at how healthy (or not) some all-natural sweeteners actually are. Natural Sweeteners Bad For You? “Natural sweeteners” such as honey and agave may seem like healthier choices, but these natural sweeteners are loaded with fructose – and fructose overload leads to obesity, liver disease, and insulin resistance. … Read More

Simple Ways to Lose Weight

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easy ways to lose weight

There are endless tips and tricks to help you lose weight, but here are some of the important ones. If you implement these simple ways to lose weight, you’ll have most of the bases covered. Make these easy changes, and enjoy watching the pounds come off! 1. Eat less at night. When you do not eat often enough during the day, … Read More

Why Did You Just Eat That? Why We Eat

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emotional eating - why we eat

The study of Emotional eating is all about why we eat. Maybe you had had a rough week at work, and all you want on Friday night is to plop down and watch a movie with a giant bowl of buttery popcorn. Maybe you’re a student stressed about a big exam, and you’re munching on candy as you study. Or maybe … Read More

Time Boxing For Food Cravings

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time box food cravings

I have a new tool for you to try out if you’re having trouble with food temptations. It’s called “TIME-BOXING.” If maintaining discipline all the time feels too overwhelming, or feels like too much deprivation, you can take baby steps towards cutting back on the unhealthy foods in smaller chunks of time — a “time box”. Here’s an example: Let’s … Read More

Emotional Eating

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emotional eating

Emotional eating affects your diet’s success. It’s estimated that less than 10 percent of those who make weight loss resolutions actually keep them. Every year, tens of millions of people promise themselves they will lose weight, and while their intentions are good, most of the results are disappointing. Even if weight is lost initially, people usually put it back on – … Read More


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Ways to Outwit Your Appetite

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outwit your appetite

You might not have to be smarter than a 5th grader in order to outwit your cravings and urges to eat junk food! Just follow these simple tips to outwit your appetite: 1. Eat protein for breakfast. You’ll be less hungry later on and you’ll end up eating fewer calories during the day. All-carb meals (or snacks) set you up … Read More

Plant Protein Power – Good sources of vegetable protein

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vegetarian protein, plant protein

Plant protein isn’t as efficient a protein source as animal protein because, in general, plant proteins are low in one or more essential amino acids. “Low” however, doesn’t mean “not there.” Amino acids in plants are like letters in a Scrabble bag. There are a pile of E’s and S’s, but very few X’s and Z’s. In order to get more … Read More

Gut Health

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gut health

Gut health – the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the digestive tract – is finally starting to become recognized as a crucial part of health, immune system function, and weight loss. Gut health is important – your gut contains more bacteria than all the other cells in your body combined! We are technically more bacterial than human. The … Read More

Why Do We Eat So Much?

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Why do I overeat?

It’s no secret that humans are getting fatter all over the world. The average American eats over 400 more calories each day than the average American in the 1980s. Why do we eat so much? Sugar and processed foods are partly to blame, but there’s also the problem of people eating too much food overall. Why Do We Eat So … Read More

Discipline Is Your Key To Freedom

Dan DeFigioBehavior and Mindfulness

Discipline as your key to freedom

by guest author Joanne Reid Rodrigues The available evidence suggests that about 90 percent of people who lose weight regain it. When I got serious about losing 63lbs, the only question in my mind was how can I make sure I’m in the 10 percent who keep the weight off? I’d been a junk-food addict for more than a decade. I’m … Read More

5 Major Eating Mistakes

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avoid major eating mistakes

Healthy eating can be challenging when you get busy or stressed. Stay on track by avoiding these 5 major eating mistakes: 1.  Drinking calories. Don’t drink sodas, fruit juices, sweetened coffees, or other beverages with calories. Consume alcohol sparingly. Drinking sugar packs on the pounds! Stick to water, mineral water, or tea (you can sweeten it with stevia if you … Read More

How Insulin Can Make You Fat

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how insulin can make you fat

If you’re having trouble losing weight, one of the important things for you to understand is how insulin can make you fat – or keep you from losing weight. The good news is that controlling your insulin is simple with proper nutrition. What Is Insulin? Here’s a quick lesson on insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the … Read More

Foods That Boost Your Mood

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foods that boost your mood

What you eat can cause chemical and physiological changes in the brain. Here are some interesting findings about foods that boost your mood. Foods That Boost Your Mood Fish and Fish oil Studies by Grosso have proven that daily fish oil treatments of at least 1000 mg of DHA and EPA for mildly- to moderately-depressed individuals significantly eased symptoms of depression. … Read More