Best and Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth

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We all know candy is bad for your teeth, but the occasional indulgence isn’t too bad if you choose treats that are less harmful to your teeth.



Powdery candy (such as sugar straws)
Powdery candy is packed with pure sugar, but it dissolves quickly and doesn’t stick to their teeth.

Chocolate dissolves quickly in the mouth and can be eaten easily, which decreases the amount of time sugar stays in contact with teeth. However, chocolate with goopy fillings (such as caramel) is a lot more harmful to teeth.


Hard candy (such as lollipops or jawbreakers)
Hard candy is tough on teeth because it tends to be sucked on at a leisurely pace for an extended period of time. Plus, chomping down on hard candy can chip or break teeth.

Chewy candy (such as caramels or gummies)
Chewy, sticky treats are particularly damaging because they are high in sugar, they are more difficult for saliva to break down, and they spend a prolonged amount of time stuck to teeth. Stay away from the gooey chewy stuff!

The longer teeth are exposed to sugar, the longer bacteria can feed on it, which produces more cavity-causing acid. Always have your kids brush their teeth after eating sweets!

For additional tips on how to help keep children’s teeth healthy during Halloween and all year long, visit the Tooth Fairy’s Halloween website at

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