Sugar is one of those things that too many people feel like they can’t live without. Not only is sugar truly delicious, but glucose is actually the brain and body’s preferred source of energy, so doesn’t it make sense to eat a bag of candy while you hit Netflix?

That being said, eating too much sugar comes with some significant health consequences (as can too much of anything), which is why if you feel like reaching for the chocolate multiple times per day, it might be time for a little intervention!

Cutting down on sugar is not easy, but it does not have to be grueling either. Follow these top tips to help your journey to eat less sugar go a little more smoothly:

Do Not Cut it Out All at Once

Going cold turkey is a bad idea. All-or-nothing thinking doesn’t last, and before you know it you’ll give in and reach for the cookies instead of the mixed green salad. Sugar is addictive in nature, which is why it can be so hard to shake the “I need a little something sweet” feeling.

Take it easy, and start to slowly cut down on the things you know you can or should be doing without. For example, now isn’t the time to check how much sugar is in your banana, but it IS the time to not buy any more Little Debbie Sweet Cakes for the pantry. Making these small tweaks will help these changes be less of a shock to the system and hopefully help make the transition a little easier.

Supplement Yourself

There are loads of things on the market that can help make cutting down on sugar a little easier. One big reason people get cravings for sugar is because their body wants something, and it is trying to get  it. That being said, there are ways to help lessen the cravings and help your body regulate in a healthier way.

As I wrote in Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies, getting adequate vitamins and minerals can help lessen the intensity of your cravings. Finding supplements that can boost energy, such as sea moss capsules from Organic Relief, could help you stop reaching for the cookie jar.

Start Getting to Know What is In Your Food

This will most likely be a part of the process that will disappoint and shock you. That piece of cake you were eyeing up at the bakery? Yeah, you know that’s filled with the sugary stuff. However, your tomato ketchup for your fries? Your morning yogurt? Your favorite salad dressing?!

You will be surprised just how much sugar creeps into everything you eat, so if you are serious about cutting down or even cutting it out, you will need to pay attention to the ingredients list you come across if you think you might want to put it in your mouth.

Cutting down on sugar isn’t always easy, but it can offer several benefits which might help you stick to it. Try to follow these tips as you attempt this yourself and enjoy the rewards of doing so.

And if you want help, just drop me a note and we’ll find a time to talk!