The Two Week Transformation bookThe Two Week Transformation
Just $2.99 on Amazon!

Lose a pants size in two weeks! The Two Week Transformation is a simple, straightforward system that will start to change your body in just two weeks.

So many times people beg me to “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

So here you are — A few pages that explain exactly what to do for two disciplined weeks.

If you follow this two-week plan exactly, I guarantee that you will lose
at least one pants size, and you will feel fantastic!



best multivitamin

Dan’s recommended multi-vitamin/mineral supplement:
Science Line Nutrition Daily Multivitamin
$24.95, 180 capsules

The Science Line Multi is scientifically formulated for maximum absorption and quality. It contains a B-complex for energy, MSM for joint health, CoQ10 for heart health, zeaxanthin for your eyes, bromelain to reduce inflammation, and vitamin D, magnesium, boron, and vitamin K to help combat osteoporosis. You will not find a superior multi-vitamin anywhere! Science Line Nutrition manufactures the highest quality bioavailable nutrition supplements, made in the USA with strict quality controls. Click here for a data sheet.




fish oil capsulesFish Oil Capsules – essential omega-3 fatty acids
$19.80, 120 gels

Double-strength fish oil (360 EPA/240 DHA), distilled for purity. Dan recommends this brand due to its quality and purity — the cheap products bought off the shelf at drugstores and discount chains cannot be trusted to be free of contaminants like mercury and PCBs.



$26.22, 90 vegetarian capsules

All probiotics are not the same — Dan recommends this brand because it contains a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria to aid digestion and improve immunity. Many off-the-shelf brands contain just a few strains of different bacteria. You can read more about the benefits of probiotics here.




Jarrow-Whey-ProteinWhey Protein, unflavored
$29.95, 2 lb container, sugar-free, no artificial sweeteners

If you have trouble getting enough quick-and-easy protein in your diet, Jarrow protein is %100 natural whey protein concentrate that is rBST hormone free!




healthy snack barsProtein Bars – Healthy Snacks
$3.00 each, chocolate peanut butter

Keeping healthy, low-sugar snacks on hand is a vital part of getting off sugar. These tasty bars are packed with protein and are gluten free with no added sugar. An excellent choice when you need to grab a healthy snack on the go. Click here for the ingredients.

childrens exercise book

Princess Wiggly – Children’s exercise book
Just $2.99 on Amazon!

Princess Wiggly, Jay, and Hannah outwit the unhealthy influences of the villainous Couch Potato and his trouble-making sidekick, the Slug Monster and learn how to use their muscles to run, jump, wiggle, and play games outside to give them energy, help them sleep better, keep them from getting sick, and help them do better in school.


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