An authoritative source for the scientific evidence about sugar and its impact on human health.

Sweet Poison – A web site dedicated to getting off sugar and unhealthy oils.

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ImproveEDU – 15 Foods You Wouldn’t Expect to Have So Much Sugar -thanks to ImproveEDU!

A site that’s all about stress and what to do about it.

Dental One Associates

Why Sugar Is Bad For Your Teeth And Health

American Addiction Centers

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Hundreds of recipes developed by award-winning cookbook authors Frances Towner Giedt and Bonnie Sanders, PhD.


Princess Wiggly
by Dan DeFigio
Princess Wiggly can help make the whole family healthier! Join Princess Wiggly as she helps Jay and Hannah foil the plans of the lazy-loving Couch Potato and his no-good sidekick The Slug Monster.

Year of No Sugar
by Eve O. Schuab
Eve challenged her husband and two school-age daughters to join her on a quest to eat no added sugar for an entire year. Along the way, Eve uncovered the real costs of our sugar-heavy American diet — diabetes, obesity, and increased incidences of health problems such as heart disease and cancer. The stories, tips, and recipes she shares show that it is possible to eat at restaurants and go grocery shopping–with less and even no added sugar.

Sweet Poison – Why Sugar Makes Us Fat
by David Gillespie

This book lays out a scientific case for why sugar (fructose in particular) is the main cause of obesity in the Western Diet. The book is well laid out, easy to follow, and speaks directly to the reader but doesn’t dumb down the complex science behind diet and the way our body processes food

Mindless Eating – Why we eat more than we think
by Brian Wansink, PhD
An easy-to-read book that demonstrates research-based observations about why people eat the way they do, and ways for you to mindlessly cut back on your food intake to easily lose 10 pounds in a year.

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life
by Byron Katie
Self-inquiry at its best! The 4 questions teach you how to overcome stress and sadness by questioning the lies that you’re telling yourself.

Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright and Linda Larsen
“Clean” eating means eating foods free of added sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats, and anything else that is unnatural and unnecessary. Used as a way of life, clean eating can improve your health, prevent disease, increase your energy, and stabilize your moods. Great book!