Cut The Crap…

Overwhelmed? You might be unconsciously believing crap. Here’s something to watch out for:

Are you unconsciously blaming your weight on your busy life?

  • “I’m too stressed to worry about eating right,”
  • “I’m too busy to exercise,”
  • “I’m too overwhelmed with all the changes I need to make in order to lose weight.”

There’s an assumption there that says “In order to do anything better (or differently), I have to do EVERYTHING.”

That’s wrong. That’s crap.

No one can do everything. So what do you do when you can’t do everything?


And you may very well feel terrible about it.

I have a client who used to beat herself up for not doing enough things “right”. When she thought about the giant list of “Things She Had To Do Right”, it was total overwhelm.

Overwhelm stops you from doing ANYTHING at all. You can’t relax while thinking about all of the things you should be doing, or all the things you did “wrong”. It’s an awful feeling.

So you default to mindless stress eating.
And you know what you get when you succumb to mindless stress eating:

You gain weight.
You feel like crap.
Because how you feel is largely determined by how you treat your body.
And if you eat like crap, you’ll feel like crap. Feeling overwhelmed = feeling powerless. And powerless is…well…a crappy feeling.

So let’s cut the crap!
Instead, do this simple (but powerful) re-frame:

Feel good about yourself for doing something positive for yourself, instead of feeling guilty for all that you couldn’t do.

Pick one thing to do food-wise that will be a WIN for the day.

Maybe it’s skipping dessert.
Maybe it’s bringing a healthy snack to work.
Maybe it’s having strawberries instead of ice cream.

Pick one thing to do in advance, and DO IT. Get a win, it feels great!

The more wins you get, the more motivated you’ll be.

Each positive decision makes it easier and easier to do another one.

Don’t try to be perfect, just get one win. Then get another 🙂

We’re all in this together!

Your friend and coach,

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