Get Back On Track After You Fell Off The Wagon

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So you made promises to yourself to eat better and lose weight.

But you’ve “fallen off the wagon” and slipped back into your old habits.

Welcome to the club. It’s called “being human” (there are, like, 7 billion of us).

If you don’t want to give up completely on your weight loss goals,
here is a step-by-step guide to get back on track:

Getting Back On Track Step 1:

Getting back on track step 1:
Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself.

We are often our own worst critics and our own worst enemy.

You may have a voice in your head that calls you a failure, or a loser. It may tell you that you don’t deserve to be healthy.

Those are all lies.

When that voice in your head shouts those lies to you, just add some truth on top of it:

“I’m not perfect. No one is. I am trying. I want to be better. With each healthy decision, I get better. So get out of my way, Liar-Voice!”

Getting Back On Track Step 2:

Accept that one mistake does not ruin everything.

All-or-nothing thinking is the surest way to keep yourself stuck in the same cycle of struggling and failing.

If you make one bad choice, it does not “ruin everything.” You do not have to “start all over.”

If you eat something you regret, just focus on your next choice.

Do NOT tell yourself, “Well I blew it today, so I’ll start over tomorrow (or Monday).”

Just make a smart decision next time.

Getting back on track: One mistake does not ruin everything.
Decisions are like a river, they are constantly going by.

These decision points are constantly flowing by, like a river. You won’t get them all, but get as many right as you can.

One ‘Oops’ does NOT mean that no other choices matter!

Getting Back On Track Step 3:

Focus on Small Wins

When you lose weight, KEEPING IT OFF is never about hitting a home run with one technique (like going keto, or “Giving up _______“).

Focus on hitting singles every day, instead of swinging for a home run.

Losing weight (and keeping it off!) is about accumulating small wins over time.

Keeping the weight off is the combined power of thousands of meals and snacks. Each and every one counts.

Examples of small wins:

  • Choosing fruit instead of cake
  • Planning and preparing your food ahead of time, vs grabbing whatever in the moment
  • Eating vegetables instead of bread
  • Drinking mineral water instead of soda
  • Pausing to figure out what you really want when a sugar craving or a stress eating urge strikes you
  • Recovering quickly by focusing on your very next decision, versus saying “The whole day is shot, I’ll start again tomorrow.”

You lose weight by getting more Wins than Losses each day.

Aim for getting on base every time you’re at bat, versus swinging for a home run twice a year.

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