How To Stop Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings affect just about everyone at one time or another. And for some people, sugar cravings strike every day! Here are my top 5 tips for how to stop sugar cravings:

Stop Sugar Cravings Tip #1: Out of sight = Out of mind

Don’t keep sugar in the house where you look at it all the time. Every time you see tempting foods, you have to make a Yes or No decision. Eventually, willpower will fail you and your ‘No’ will become ‘Well, just this once.” Pretty soon you’re diving into the chocolate multiple times per day.

Make it easy to avoid harmful decisions. Keep sugar and other junk food out of the house and out of the office so you’re not constantly tempted.

Stop Sugar Cravings Tip #2: Drink enough water.

If you’re dehydrated, even a little, your brain can turn on the cravings center when in reality you’re just thirsty. Any time you have a sugar craving, the first thing you should do is drink a big glass of cold water.

Stop Sugar Cravings Tip #3: Eat enough during the day.

If you’re under-eating during the day, your brain will turn on the cravings at night. Late-night eating is one of best ways to kill your weight loss progress! Keep nighttime sugar cravings away by eating every 3 or 4 hours during the day. A high-protein breakfast is a great start.

Stop Sugar Cravings Tip #4: Always combine protein with carbs.

Any time you eat an all-carb meal or snack — like pasta or noodles for dinner, or waffles for breakfast — you’re setting yourself up for food cravings later on.

Protein helps level out your blood sugar. That helps keep your appetite in check, and keeps carb cravings away.

Stop Sugar Cravings Tip #5: Watch out for Fake Cravings.

“Fake Cravings” are when your brain tricks you into thinking that you want food, when you’re actually bored or trying to distract yourself from uncomfortable feelings (like stress or loneliness).

If you get a craving for something, take a moment and think about what you really want in that moment — it’s probably not sugar!

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