Know Your Next Meal

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know your next meal

Here’s the #1 thing you can do to lose weight by keeping your eating under control:


When you have your next meal or snack planned, it’s very easy to follow through.

When we plan, we don’t eat reactively (“I’m hungry, what can I grab?”).

Instead, we’re PROactive (“I already know what’s for dinner”).

This effectiveness of “pre-made decisions” has been proven time and time again.

Take Victoria, a woman in the No More Diets coaching program.

She stopped REacting to cravings, emotions, and stress eating. No more struggling in the heat of the moment about what goes in her mouth.

She no longer asks herself “What sounds good to me since I’m hungry/angry/bored/sad/stressed?”

Instead, she has PROactively plans a day (or more) in advance, so she knows EXACTLY what she’s eating next.

No more willpower, discipline, and inner conflict. Just do what you already planned.

When it comes to losing weight with healthy nutrition, if you can build this ONE habit — eat what you’ve already planned — you’re going to give yourself the best chance to beat emotional eating.

If you DON’T do this, let’s be honest — our emotions will betray our rational brains the moment life gets hectic.

Comfort is what we crave in those stressful moments, and too often we pretend that food gives us what we want — peacefulness and control.

Willpower will always fail you. Motivation and resolve eventually wane.

And that’s how we end up at Christie Cookies without remembering how we got there — our emotions were driving the car!

Enough of this destructive cycle! Let’s cultivate the healthy habit of proactive planning instead of reactive emotional eating.

Do this:

Take 2 minutes and write down exactly what you’re going to eat tomorrow.

Write it on paper, on your phone, just write it down somewhere.

For starters, it doesn’t even matter if ALL the food on your plan is unhealthy! Right now just focus on the process, not the outcome.

Write down exactly what you’re going to eat tomorrow, and approximately what time.

And then tomorrow, put all of your focus into only eating what you put on your plan.

That’s it.

Once you get good at this, life starts to change.

The more frequently you plan ahead, the more successes you will rack up.

And THAT’S how you lose weight and keep it off — racking up successes on most days.

We’re all in this together.

Your friend and Coach,

P.S. Folks in the No More Diets program get daily planning sheets, weekly meal plans and shopping lists, and flexible meal combinations to make this kind of planning even easier. If you want it, just email me and let me know.