Do you have a problem with sugar?

Do you have a problem with sugar?

Uncontrollable sugar cravings or stress eating?

If you are a sugar addict or a stress eater, I’ve got news:

Sugar is not your problem!

But…..You’re the guy who wrote Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies….And the guy who founded….

What do you mean ‘sugar isn’t my problem’?

Why you don’t really have a problem with sugar

Stress eating and sugar addiction are SYMPTOMS of your problem.

Stress eating (and sugar addiction, which is just one kind of stress eating) is an unconscious reaction.

If you stress eat, if you find yourself constantly shoveling junk food in your mouth, it’s a habit. An unconscious reaction. A learned behavior.

It’s not something that you do on purpose.

Everybody knows what we SHOULD be eating, but we don’t do it. Why? Why do we continue to eat food that we know is bad for us?

The reason we have problems with sugar is that we use sugar for one of two things:

1) A substitute for what you really want.

  • If you’re stressed out at work, what you probably want is reassurance, or a feeling of being in control. That’s not a sugar problem. Sugar can’t give you what you want.
  • If you’re lonely, what you’re really seeking is connection to feel valued and loved. Sugar can’t give you that.
  • If you’re bored, you want mental stimulation or a meaningful experience. Sugar can’t give you that either.

You don’t have a problem with sugar, you have other problems. So when the urge to reach for something sweet strikes you, take a moment and figure out what you really want. Because it’s probably not donuts.

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2) A distraction.

Life is filled with stress, fear, upset, and anxiety. These are uncomfortable feelings, and the reptile part of our brain will do just about anything to help us cope.

Eating is an easy way to distract yourself from these feelings for a minute or two.

When fears and anxieties creep up, your brain is like, “Nope, ain’t going there! Look at the shiny monkey! Mmmm cookies, pay attention to those instead…”

When I ask, “Ok, why are you doing this?” people say, “I just need more willpower. That’s all. If I only had willpower I could stick to healthy eating.”

Well, willpower is not the answer. Sugar is not your problem, and willpower is not the answer.

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