Real Beauty Tips

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Is today’s woman less confident of her appearance and beauty than women in the past? Are supermodel’s beauty tips actually real beauty tips? With Photoshop, anti-aging products, laser treatments, and all the cosmetic surgeries available to make a woman look “perfect” in a movie or a magazine, today’s “standard” of beauty has been brought up too high for the ordinary woman ever to attain.

real beauty tips

Best Beauty Tips

Modern women are bombarded with impossible and deceptive depictions of what it means to be beautiful. It’s fake beauty. We as a society are overlooking what it means to be truly beautiful. Below are some real beauty tips that you can take to heart:

real beauty tips

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    It’s a cliché, but it’s worth remembering. Just as we can’t please everybody, we can’t expect everybody to have just one definition of beauty. And the good thing about this truth is, no matter how ugly you may feel about yourself, there will always be a lot of people who find you beautiful. Many women fail to believe when others say they’re beautiful, and they keep reaching for unrealistic standards.
  2. Beauty comes from within.
    This is another cliché but it carries much weight. If you feel beautiful within, what others think will never matter. Stand up for your beliefs, and don’t be shaken by what you may hear or see around you.
  3. True beauty never fades.
    This means true beauty is not dependent on our skin, hair, or body weight, because all these can fade. Time will eventually catch up with us but we can prepare ourselves to age gracefully. Your true beauty is something inside you that is more than just outward physical appearance, and it will never fade.
  4. Feeling beautiful is a choice.
    Just like happiness, you can choose to feel beautiful no matter what other people may say. Make positive and active choices to make yourself beautiful. If that means a change in diet, lifestyle, or even relationships, do it!
  5. Don’t feel like you must follow the herd.
    You don’t have to follow all the latest trends in fashion and makeup to be beautiful. You have your own style and you know what hairstyle, clothes, makeup, or shoes look best on you. Your uniqueness is one of the things that makes you beautiful.
    beauty tips for regular women
  6. Create your own definition of what it means to be beautiful.
    To some, simply being comfortable is what makes them see themselves as beautiful. Being physically strong is what is beautiful to some. For others, it could mean having strong and happy relationships. Don’t ever let advertisements – which are purposely created to make you feel insecure about your body and your looks – erode your self-confidence.
  7. Compliment people on the beauty of their character.
    Compliment others (especially children) when they act responsibly, when they show compassion, or when they make use of their creativity and talent. Make people know that you appreciate the beauty that they have inside. Also, accept graciously when people say you are beautiful.
  8. Rediscover your passion.
    Have your responsibilities at work, or as a wife and mom, made you lose your luster? Never forget the things that energize and revitalize you. Do not give so much of yourself that you leave yourself dry. Discover new activities that will refuel your spirit and make you glow.
  9. Set aside some ‘me’ time.
    Don’t neglect to do the things you love and that help you relieve stress. Take time to read a book, see a friend or take a stroll. Anchor into your own inner peace. This will revive, refresh, and give you an unmistakably attractive aura.
  10. Spread the love.
    Helping others and making others happy gives a physical high as well as an inner joy that will surely make you look and feel beautiful. Never hesitate to tell someone else how beautiful he or she is and why.