Recommended Nutrition Supplements

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What supplements should I use?

It’s important to choose nutrition supplements that come from reputable manufacturers that reliably test well in the laboratory for purity and labeling accuracy. There is a lot of junk in the nutrition industry, and some of the inexpensive (and expensive!) off-the-shelf products that you can buy through the retail giants are manufactured overseas with questionable ingredients and lax purity standards.

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For the average person seeking basic nutritional support, I generally recommend three foundational nutrition supplements:

  1. Daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement
  2. Fish oil for essential omega-3 fats
  3. A large-spectrum probiotic supplement for immune system support and to aid digestion

Many individuals could also benefit from additional vitamin D, calcium/magnesium for osteoporosis prevention, vitamin C, or whey protein powder if you have trouble getting enough protein. Each individual’s situation is different, so seek the input of a knowledgeable nutrition professional for personalized advice.



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