Simple Food Substitutions

Dan DeFigioNutrition Advice

Make some simple food substitutions in order to cut sugar and processed carbs out of your diet. A high-carbohydrate diet triggers the production of too much insulin, which leads to fat storage and diabetes. By cutting back on the sugar in your diet, and by choosing carbohydrates that are higher in fiber and nutrients, you can keep your insulin levels under control, get off the sugar high/sugar crash roller coaster, and stop storing so much fat!

food substitutions

Easy Food Substitutions – Eat This, Not That

Here are some sugar-swapping substitutions you can make in your day-to-day food choices:

  • Instead of White pasta, use Rice pasta
  • Instead of Fruit juice, drink Green tea
  • Instead of Soda, drink Mineral water
  • Instead of White rice, try Quinoa
  • Instead of Junk food snack, keep Crunchy raw vegetables ready to eat in the fridge
  • Instead of  Ice cream, snack on Greek yogurt
  • Instead of Breakfast sweet roll or muffin, make a slice of whole-grain toast topped with scrambled egg