Staying Healthy As A Diabetic

staying healthy as a diabetic

Diabetes is an important condition to manage, because it increases your risk of many other medical problems. No one signs up for diabetes, and you may feel overwhelmed by the diagnosis.

When you find out you have diabetes, you’ll probably worry about what to do next. You want to stay healthy, even with diabetes, but you might not be sure about what you should do. While your doctor can provide a wealth of advice, it’s also worth looking into a few other steps you can take:

Staying Healthy As A Diabetic: 3 Important Tips

1. Consider Daily Aspirin

Diabetes can put you at a higher risk of cardiovascular issues, with strokes and heart attacks being the most notable. Obviously, these are problems you’d like to avoid.

One of the easiest ways to keep your circulatory system in good shape is to take a low dose of aspirin every day. Your doctor may talk to you about this. It could help you reduce your risk of developing any cardiovascular issues in the future. At a minimum, it might negate the increase in risk that comes with diabetes.

Aspirin helps by thinning your blood, making it less likely to form clots that can cause ischemic strokes or heart attacks.

However, there’s a catch: Aspirin can also increase your risk of bleeding. This is especially important to consider since diabetes can affect wound healing. So, the decision to take aspirin depends on your individual situation.

Talk to your doctor about your specific risks and benefits. They’ll consider your overall health, your medications, and if you’ve had any bleeding problems before. They can help you decide if low-dose aspirin is right for you.

2. Find Healthy Snacks

One of the largest changes you’ll have to make when you’re diagnosed with diabetes is doubling-down on trying to keep your blood sugar levels under better control. Choosing the right carbs and snacks are some of the more notable parts of a diabetic’s eating strategy.

Snacks for diabetics should include protein and fiber. These help slow down the rise in blood sugar after eating. There are plenty of healthy snacks for diabetics that you could end up loving. It’s just a matter of finding quick and easy snacks that you like. Here’s a book I can recommend that is filled with low-sugar snack recipes:

low sugar snacks

3. Manage Your Blood Pressure

While diabetes isn’t directly tied to blood pressure, there are a few overlaps between the two concerns.

Imagine your blood vessels like garden hoses. When your blood pressure is high, it’s like the hose is too small for the amount of water blasting through it. This puts extra strain on the hoses, making them more likely to burst or leak. Damaged blood vessels can lead to serious complications like heart attack, stroke, vision problems, and kidney damage.

Since diabetes can weaken your blood vessels, high blood pressure becomes an even bigger threat. But the good news is, you can control both! By working with your doctor to manage your blood pressure, you’re taking a big step towards protecting your heart, eyes, and overall health.

Thankfully, this is very doable! Exercising regularly, improving your diet and sleep, and managing stress can all help keep your blood pressure in the safe range.

Staying Healthy As A Diabetic: Wrapping Up

Trying to stay healthy as a diabetic often feels overwhelming. When you’re first diagnosed, it’s natural to be concerned about what you should do.

Thankfully, managing diabetes isn’t as complicated as you might fear. Your doctor will help you get started, and there are plenty of other steps you can take, too. Focusing on just these three tips could help you a lot. It’s just a matter of spending a little time and effort on them.

And if you find yourself in need of some coaching to improve your nutrition and your stress management, just drop us a note. We’re standing by to help you become your best self!