The Two Week Transformation

The Two Week TransformationThe Two Week Transformation
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Do you need a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle? The Two Week Transformation is a simple, straightforward system that will start to change your body in just two weeks!

So many times people beg me to “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

So here you are — A few sheets of paper that explain exactly what to do for two disciplined weeks.

If you follow this two-week plan exactly, I guarantee that you will lose
at least one pants size, and you will feel fantastic!

This simple guide tells you exactly what to do for the next two weeks — what you should and shouldn’t eat, recommended supplements, exercise tips, and some extra credit options too, if you want to really get serious.

You can do ANYTHING for two weeks, can’t you?

** BONUS ** For the next 60 people who purchase The Two Week Transformation,
I will also include at no extra charge:

A copy of The Superset Circuit Workout video to get you started with a fat-burning exercise program.
A simple food journal to help you get a Reality Check on your eating.
A free copy of The Five Worst Dieting Mistakes.
$5 off your first nutrition supplement purchase

You get all this for only $27. You probably spent more than that last week on junk food, didn’t you?

Buy it now, and get the kick-start to the transformation you’ve been wanting!

Other items to be added to this page soon, including cutting-edge nutrition supplements, home exercise equipment, and The Two Week Transformation!

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