how to protect your feet when exercising


Before, during, and after exercise it is important to look after your body, especially when pushing it to the limit. There are many similarities between your body and your car. They both need fuel, and they both tend to perform worse as they age and need extra care to be at their best. Like with your car, there are certain body parts that don’t tend to receive as much focus as they should. With your car, it could be the oil or clutch; with your body it’s likely your feet. Your feet are vital for most types of exercise and for your mobility. Feet should be well cared for at all times.

Here’s how to protect your feet when exercising:


Perform Foot Stretches And Exercises

Protect your feel when exercising

To strengthen the muscles in your feet, a few simple foot exercises can be performed. Gripping and lifting a sock or pencil with your bare foot and holding it for ten seconds will improve balance and strength. Walking around on your tiptoes for twenty seconds a few times, and then doing the same on your heels helps strengthen your feel, calves, and shin muscles. Repeat this exercise regularly, and increase the length of time to keep improving.

See this article on Heel Pain for more information about exercises and stretches for plantar fasciitis.


Keep Your Feet Clean

You should already be washing your feet once a day, but it’s important to ensure they get a thorough cleaning with soap. Dry them off well — moisture forms the perfect breeding ground for fungi. This can lead to various health problems that will affect your exercise routine. Cut your toenails straight across to prevent ingrown nails too, and regularly inspect your feet for peeling or hard skin.

Choose the Correct Footwear

Having the right footwear for you and the activity being performed is vital to protect your feet. Footwear that is too tight will cause problems so any that come to a point should be avoided. has a range of footwear for different activities with accessories, which are useful if your footwear is too loose.merrell-w-pace-glove-3-1

Bad-fitting shoes can cause permanent damage to your feet and toes! Here’s how to know if your shoes are hurting your feet.

Avoid Exposure in Public Spaces

The gym, swimming pools, and especially public showers and changing rooms are full of bacteria that can lead to infections. Wear shower shoes or flip flops when using public facilities to help guard against these problems. However, flip flops can cause heel pain if worn for long periods, so only wear when necessary. Try not to share footwear much either, as this can cause infections, so it’s best to purchase your own climbing shoes rather than rent for example.