Stress Management Tips For Stress Eaters

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stress management tips, stress eating

Stress eating can be disastrous for your weight loss or wellness efforts. Many of us turn to food as comfort during stressful times. And it should go without saying that ‘comfort food’ is more likely to be ice cream or french fries than it is to be green beans or kale smoothies! But putting specific foods aside, stress can lead … Read More

How to NOT Feel Deprived While You’re Trying to Lose Weight

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how to not feel deprived

Do you always feel deprived while you’re trying to lose weight? Here is how to not feel deprived while you’re trying to stay away from sweets and eat healthier: It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking about all the foods you’re “not allowed” to eat when you’re trying to lose weight. “I can’t have _____” “I’m staying … Read More

Meal Plans Are Useless

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meal plans

Losing weight can be hard enough, but the real struggle is keeping it off after you’ve lost it. Most people who lose weight end up regaining it (and often, regaining even more than they lost). Why? Losing weight requires changing how you eat. Losing weight PERMANENTLY requires changing how you USUALLY eat. Keeping the weight off requires new eating habits … Read More

Are You Stress Eating? Or snorkeling?

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I have a great analogy to help you with stress eating: I just got home from an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands. It’s a magical place with an astounding variety of marine life, and the snorkeling experiences I had there were unquestionably the best ever. But if you never put your head into the water, you wouldn’t have … Read More

Eating Less Sweets

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eating less sweets

We’re hard-wired to like sweets and fats. Eating less sweets goes against our survival urges! Our caveman brains are drawn towards foods that are high in calories, and those that give us pleasurable sensations – primarily taste, dopamine reward, and “mouth feel”. Our brain loses its ability to regulate itself when we eat these foods. They override our brain’s normal … Read More

These DO HALT Cravings

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halt cravings

Using food as a source of comfort is something most people struggle with at some point in their lives. Emotional eating is also something we don’t like to discuss (Politics, Religion, and Eating Habits, right?). Emotional eating is personal, and for some it’s painful, but it doesn’t have to be this way! There are strategies to work through it. Start … Read More

Sugar Detox – Why You Shouldn’t

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sugar detox doesn't work

Sugar Detox programs. 21 Day Sugar Detox. Quit Sugar Now. As the author of Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies, I am finding myself in a bit of a moral pickle. Yes, I help people get off sugar, lose weight, and find a healthy sustainable way to feed themselves. But I can’t get behind the “sugar detox” concept. Why? Here’s a great … Read More

How To Keep The Weight Off

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Lots of people go on diets and successfully lose weight. But most people end up gaining it back again. Over and over. Have you lost the same 15 or 20 pounds more than once? Why is it so hard to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it? Why Can’t I Keep The Weight Off? Here are the common mistakes … Read More

How To Achieve Success

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how to achieve success

Why are some people more productive, and infinitely more successful at realizing their financial, physical, spiritual, mental, and artistic goals? Is it due to more desirable circumstances and access to opportunities that others do not have? Are some gifted by their families with a foundation of reserve wealth for which to pursue their talents? Yes, perhaps, but you should know … Read More

Resistance To Change

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sugar addiction treatment

I had a conversation with a client this week about her resistance to change. In a nutshell, she said: “I need a more organized and planned life, but when I organize or plan, I don’t want to do it anymore because it turns to an obligation. And I hate to be pushed. Healthy behaviors feel like punishment – just another … Read More

Make Healthy Decisions Easier

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making healthy decisions easy

There are many ways to make healthy decisions easier, but here’s a big one. Many of my readers report that they put off making nutrition and lifestyle improvements because making changes seems like a big, hairy, overwhelming monster. They’re afraid to “get started.” Here’s one big reason why changes seem so scary: If you’re like most people, you’ve probably fallen … Read More

6 Secrets To Keeping Weight Off

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how to keep weight off

It’s hard enough to lose weight, but often keeping the weight off is an even bigger challenge. Clients will report to me their frustrating history of losing weight, then gaining it back again. Each successive yo-yo cycle makes it harder to lose. To help you break out of this cycle, here are some of my best ways to keep the … Read More

How To Kill Your Motivation

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How to kill your motivation

Today I’m here to tell you to watch out for these two surefire ways to kill your motivation to eat healthy. MOTIVATION KILLER #1 The first motivation killer is what I call “Compare And Despair”. This is where you walk into a room and immediately compare your body to everyone else’s. If you don’t feel good about yourself, or if … Read More

How To Break The Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

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How to break the yo yo diet cycle

If you feel like you’re constantly dieting and then giving up, your weight loss successes will be short-lived. If the roller coaster of watching the scale go up and down over the years has been your #1 pastime, then welcome to the Yo-Yo Diet Club. It’s a big club, filled with both mighty intentions and enormous frustrations. • Could you … Read More

Why Willpower Fails

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beating sugar addiction

Do you feel like you just don’t have enough willpower to control sugar cravings and emotional eating? Have you told yourself,   “Just say no!” “I need more willpower!” “I can’t have _____”   But the reality is that when we behave with that kind of avoidance mentality, where we’re exerting so much energy to STOP and NOT and CONTROL our … Read More

Overcoming Excuses

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overcoming excuses

There’s a lot to be said for overcoming excuses. It’s easy to find reasons you can’t eat healthier or you can’t exercise. There’s always a way around an obstacle, even if just in a small way. What’s your excuse? Overcoming Excuses “What you think about, you bring about.” “Energy goes where your attention flows.” If you’re having trouble making improvements … Read More

Mindful Eating For Mothers

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mindful eating for mothers

Early motherhood presents a rich opportunity to practice transition-management. One of the best ways to manage the stressors inherent in this life change is to learn to be purposeful in nourishing oneself, both figuratively and literally. That is what mindful eating for mothers means. Here, we focus on literal nourishment—food. Becoming a mother is a unique time to reflect not only … Read More

Easy Ways To Avoid Mindless Calories

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avoid mindless calories - mindful eating

Mindless eating means eating when you’re not thinking about what you’re doing. It’s plowing through a bag of snacks while watching TV, or eating because an external cue tells you to keep eating – like your plate’s not empty, or there are still more French fries in the bag. Mindless eating can add up to thousands of unfulfilling (and often … Read More

Why Did You Just Eat That? Why We Eat

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emotional eating - why we eat

The study of Emotional eating is all about why we eat. Maybe you had had a rough week at work, and all you want on Friday night is to plop down and watch a movie with a giant bowl of buttery popcorn. Maybe you’re a student stressed about a big exam, and you’re munching on candy as you study. Or maybe … Read More

Time Boxing For Food Cravings

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time box food cravings

I have a new tool for you to try out if you’re having trouble with food temptations. It’s called “TIME-BOXING.” If maintaining discipline all the time feels too overwhelming, or feels like too much deprivation, you can take baby steps towards cutting back on the unhealthy foods in smaller chunks of time — a “time box”. Here’s an example: Let’s … Read More

Emotional Eating

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emotional eating

Emotional eating affects your diet’s success. It’s estimated that less than 10 percent of those who make weight loss resolutions actually keep them. Every year, tens of millions of people promise themselves they will lose weight, and while their intentions are good, most of the results are disappointing. Even if weight is lost initially, people usually put it back on – … Read More

Eating Psychology – How It Helps You Lose Weight

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eating psychology

It’s your moment of truth. You slowly step towards the scale that’s about to tally your entire week’s efforts — the hours of sweat at the gym, the rejection of that second helping of pasta, the refusal of that double-chocolate dessert, the stares of your family when you eat a burger with no bun — you’ve done it all. Now … Read More

Why Do We Eat So Much?

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Why do I overeat?

It’s no secret that humans are getting fatter all over the world. The average American eats over 400 more calories each day than the average American in the 1980s. Why do we eat so much? Sugar and processed foods are partly to blame, but there’s also the problem of people eating too much food overall. Why Do We Eat So … Read More

Discipline Is Your Key To Freedom

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Discipline as your key to freedom

by guest author Joanne Reid Rodrigues The available evidence suggests that about 90 percent of people who lose weight regain it. When I got serious about losing 63lbs, the only question in my mind was how can I make sure I’m in the 10 percent who keep the weight off? I’d been a junk-food addict for more than a decade. I’m … Read More

5 Major Eating Mistakes

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avoid major eating mistakes

Healthy eating can be challenging when you get busy or stressed. Stay on track by avoiding these 5 major eating mistakes: 1.  Drinking calories. Don’t drink sodas, fruit juices, sweetened coffees, or other beverages with calories. Consume alcohol sparingly. Drinking sugar packs on the pounds! Stick to water, mineral water, or tea (you can sweeten it with stevia if you … Read More

Real Beauty Tips

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Is today’s woman less confident of her appearance and beauty than women in the past? Are supermodel’s beauty tips actually real beauty tips? With Photoshop, anti-aging products, laser treatments, and all the cosmetic surgeries available to make a woman look “perfect” in a movie or a magazine, today’s “standard” of beauty has been brought up too high for the ordinary … Read More

Why Do I Overeat?

Dan DeFigioBehavior and Mindfulness

Why We Overeat – And What We Can Do About It How do you know when you should eat, and when you’ve had enough? Why do we eat so much? Your body tells you when to eat, and when to stop, right? Well, maybe not – research actually shows otherwise. We’ve been taught to trust our bodies to tell us … Read More

Keep Your Diet On Track During The Holidays (and other social events)

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Staying on track while eating in social situations like dinner parties, date nights, wedding receptions, and similar events can be challenging, to say the least. Typically, the fare served by caterers and restaurants is much higher in sugar, fat, calories, and portion size than what you’d ordinarily eat, and you’ll likely be focused on everything except what (and how) you’re … Read More

Easiest Way To Lose Weight

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It might be a surprise to you, but one of the easiest ways lose weight is to eat slower and to chew more thoroughly! Overweight and obese people tend to eat faster than leaner people. A recent report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has analyzed 22 experiments on the effect of eating speed and calorie intake. Overall the … Read More

Breaking Unhealthy Food Habits

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“We are what we repeatedly do.” -Aristotle Breaking unhealthy food habits is possible — you can train your brain to prefer healthy foods over unhealthy, high-calorie foods! The Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University published a brain scan study in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes that shows it is possible to reverse the addictive power of … Read More

8 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

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You’ve cleaned up your diet, you try to exercise on most days, and even though you may have lost some weight, those last few pounds just won’t seem to budge. What’s up with that? Here are a few things that can affect your weight loss that you may not have thought about: 1. You’re sleep-deprived. According to a Gallup poll, … Read More

How To Avoid Destroying Your Waistline During The Holidays

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by Dan DeFigio It amazes me how many people completely shut off any sensibility or moderation around food during holidays. When they give themselves permission to indulge in some holiday sweets, an all-or-nothing mentality takes over, and they go completely overboard, gobbling down every single sugar-filled treat they can lay their hands on — usually with the promise that at … Read More

Does Lack of Sleep Make You Fatter?

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by Dan DeFigio When people low on sleep find their energy dropping, many turn to food for a pickup because a short-term rise in blood sugar levels gives a more energetic feeling. A lack of sleep changes hormone levels and promotes weight gain. A shortage of sleep has been linked to higher insulin levels – a condition known as insulin … Read More

How To Get Better Sleep

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Lack of sleep can increase your appetite during the day, and strengthen sugar cravings. Here are a handful of tips for getting better sleep: Wind down! At least one hour before bedtime, start quieting down and relaxing. Don’t exercise or engage in stressful thoughts or activities. Turn off the handheld devices. The stress of feeling like you need to constantly … Read More

Some Good Advice For The Day

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Take personal responsibility for what you do and what you’re like. Things will change whether you want them to or not, so be flexible. Work smart AND work hard. Serve others well. Be nice to everyone. Be optimistic. Have goals — want something big for yourself and for others. Stay focused. Keep learning. Become excellent at what you do. Trust … Read More