Research Reveals How Sugar Causes Cancer

Wow, there’s new research from The Journal of Clinical Investigation showing how excess sugar consumption can actually cause cancerous changes in your body!

research reveals how sugar causes cancer

While it’s been well-documented that cancer cells feed greedily on sugar, this is some of the first research that shows how too much sugar can actually turn cells cancerous.

Here’s the vicious cycle is responsible for the insatiable cravings caused by a high-sugar diet:

Within minutes of consuming too much sugar or carbs, our bodies go through an endocrine roller coaster. Your brain can not survive very long without glucose, and will ‘freak out’ if deprived for just two or three minutes. The endocrine system, on the other hand, recognizes the danger of high sugar intake, and will release hormones such as insulin and cortisol to try to get the elevated sugar level in the blood and tissues under control. Insulin forces the sugar into storage within the cell, both as glycogen and as fat, but often does its job too well, causing glucose levels to be depleted. This sets off a vicious cycle of ‘emergency’ signals that tell the body to release more cortisol and adrenaline to increase the levels of glucose in the blood. This results in additional insulin production and release, causing the same damaging cycle to be repeated over and over again.

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