Are You Stress Eating? Or snorkeling?

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I have a great analogy to help you with stress eating:

I just got home from an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands. It’s a magical place with an astounding variety of marine life, and the snorkeling experiences I had there were unquestionably the best ever.

But if you never put your head into the water, you wouldn’t have a clue about all that life and activity that exists beneath.

And that’s the analogy for today’s lesson on stress eating — What’s going on under the water?

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When you’re on top of the water, you’re exposed to the wind, the waves, and the weather. Those are the stresses of life. If you only see those, your only perspective is hanging onto the boat and trying not to fall in. And you’ll probably get soaked or sunburned just riding the waves all day.

But if you put your head in the water and EXAMINE WHAT’S UNDERNEATH, you’ll have an entirely different perspective.

When talking about stress eating, the “what’s underneath?” question means “What do you really want in this moment?”

  • Are you seeking control or peacefulness because you’re stressed out?
  • Are you wishing for love and connection because you’re feeling lonely?
  • Are you feeling discouraged or depressed, and wanting to distract yourself from those feelings?

Cookies won’t give you any of that.

The next time you find yourself “riding the waves” of a stressful time, and you have the urge to eat food that you know isn’t good for you, take a moment and look beneath the water to see what’s really going on down there.

You might be amazed by what you see.

And if you want my help, contact me and we’ll set a time to talk. I specialize in helping you overcome stress eating and yo-yo dieting.

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